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About Me

Hi and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I truly appreciate each and every returning supporter and new visitor that I have the opportunity of connecting with. You guys are the reason that I do this and the force behind my never-ending inspiration. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have the courage or this amazing platform to do what I do. With that said, who am I and what do I do? I am sure some of you are wondering, so let’s dive in!


My name is Hailey and I am a Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger from Calgary Alberta Canada. I was born and raised in Calgary, and I love the city I am from. I graduated from Crescent Heights High School and went on to obtain two diplomas one in Makeup Artistry and one in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I have always had a passion for beauty and health and I consider myself so fortunate that I am able to express myself in both areas. I am a Sonographer (AKA Ultrasound Tech) by day, Beauty and Wellness Blogger by night (@hailey.rayann), and a Makeup Artist (@hailey.rayann.artistry) for beauty, bridal and boudoir clients on weekends. Needless to say I never sleep, but this is all by choice because these are things that I am genuinely passionate about and neither ever feels like work. I don’t think I could ever give one up for the other. However, the focus of my website is on all things beauty so that is what I will focus on talking the most about here.


I am an advocate that believes this is a time for grateful enthusiasts, genuine leaders, and empowering supporters to rise! We live in a world where everything has become so superficial. While many beauty blogs have become merely update pages on how much makeup one has, what new products they were gifted, or how lavish the event was that they attended this does not bring value to anyone other than the person boasting. While I understand that this is part of the territory I also place value on the importance of how to share these exciting moments with my community in a way that is educative and informative all while including and engaging with others. Brand collaborations should be meant for influencers to attend to learn about products so that they have a wealth of knowledge on those products or topics to bring back and share with their community, not for any other reason. It should be something we all benefit from! If you ever see me sharing about a product that I have enjoyed you can trust that I have thought about how I could bring the most value in speaking about it to you as well. I love including swatches so you can see what I see, information on claims and how it preforms, or simply bring inspiration about through creative looks using the products.

As much as the artistic side of beauty is important so is internal beauty, which can only transpire when you make a conscious effort to promote wellness in your life. While looking good on the outside helps us to feel better and more confident on the inside there is much more to it. Looks will eventually fade, but the way you feel about yourself and make others around you feel will last a lifetime. Being a well-rounded source of positive and abundant energy will bring in more fulfillment and success than anything else. Being kind and grateful is what truly makes you beautiful. In order to achieve this you must check in with yourself to ensure your body, mind, and soul are open and aligned. If there is any message that I want my content to deliver it is how to embody beauty both inside and out though beauty product information and personal development and wellness training.


Connect with me on my socials, leave comments here, email me, or simply ghost read my posts. Whatever type of support or escape you need let this be your place to get inspired. I hope what I have to share resonates with you! Let’s grow share and grow together!

Favourite Quote
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, so do what you love and the rest will follow."

Zodiac Sign
I am a pisces, which probably explains my connection with the spiritual world as well as my creativity and compassion.

I go to the gym about 4-5 time a week. I love lifting weights, cardio, and attending spin or yoga classes!

My mother passed away 5 years ago. I am now the only woman surrounded by men. There is me, my dad, brother, boyfriend, and my pet bearded dragon named Puff.


I'm drawn to the smell of rose, lilac, sweet pea, and grapefruit. I tend to stock up on body products and candles with these scents.

I appreciate every day, every connection, every opportunity that comes my way, and every new challenge that serves as a potential for growth!